I hate it

I hate the fact that I’m still hoping for you to like me back :(
I cant stop myself from liking you I dont know why. I hate myself for still trying. Im so dumb and hopeless </3 

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Ordinary Monday

Spent my day at home. Nothing special haha. Looking forward for tomorrow. Noche Buena with the family.

Goodnight Tumblr!

Check out this performance on Smule's Sing!

Check out this performance of All Out Of Love here:

Challenging Sunday

I survived 8hrs working with little amount of sleep and then went out to have dinner at Sambal Malaysian Restaurant. It was alright heehe good enough :)

In bed now. Eyes are slowly shutting down. Goodnight World !!!

4:17 am

Why am I still up ? Haha
I’ll hit up the bed soon.
Better luck next time danicurr. This time unfortunately you once again didn’t win a heart. Awwww. But a good consolation prize of knowing the truth is always good enough :)

Goodnight World!

Dec 20 2013 

5 days till Christmas.
11 days till New Year.

Just in bed on my phone listening to music. To my dear followers, I’m back teehee =D